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AYGAMG release new tracks, launch Kickstarter


All Young Girls Are Machine Guns, you know that awarding-winning Omaha group fronted by the soulful voice of Rebecca Lowry, just released two all new tracks online. The songs, “Tiger” and “Snake in the Tree,” see AYGAMG exploring their animal urges, conveyed through stomping, jazz-inclined arrangements. The tracks also represent the end of an era, so-to-speak, for AYGAMG, as they were recorded with Will Meinen (guitar) and Travis Sing (bass), both of whom have since moved on to pursue other projects.

To send a final farewell to the previous iteration of the group, AYGAMG launched a Kickstarter campaign to archive these two songs on 7-inch vinyl.

For us, to send them off in any other way than to drop a needle on vinyl would be to short them the love and respect they’re due — I think you’ll understand when you hear them,” the group said in an email.

Listen to both numbers below. Check out the AYGAMG Kickstarter here.



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