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Sofar Sounds: “Miles” by Lot Walks

Check out this live video of Omaha’s Lot Walks performing at a house party in Omaha. The video is filed under Sofar Sounds, a worldwide community curating secret, intimate gigs in living rooms and other small spaces across the globe. Think Love Drunk meets Daytrotter. Lot Walks’ dreamy track “Miles,” filmed and engineered by group of Omahans, marks the first Sofar session to come out of Omaha.

Expect a track from Twinsmith in the near future from the same show, as well as cuts from Son Ambulance, John Klemmensen & The Party, Oketo, See Through Dresses and more.


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About Sofar Sounds:

Sofar Sounds started in 2009, in a tiny North London flat.

Frustrated by the traditional live music experience, we hosted three young artists who played to a carefully selected audience of true music lovers.

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