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Archetype Coffee opens in Blackstone District

archetype coffee omaha

Archetype Coffee, located at 40th and Farnam streets in Omaha’s burgeoning Blackstone District, quietly opened its doors a couple weeks ago. But let’s declare the secret officially out. If you’re into craft coffee, you should definitely stop over there. You should also check this place out if you’re into any of the following: being greeted by friendly baristas wearing button down shirts and paisley ties, really cool mid-century orange chairs or well curated background music.

Tulsa transplant and owner Isaiah Sheese describes his approach as “showcasing different brew methods and treating coffee more as a craft” and his experience in the industry and sensitivity to the coffee aesthetic is certainly apparent. But don’t worry if you’re a coffee philistine like I am, and prefer caffeinated chocolate and whipped cream, Isaiah assures us that he won’t be alienating anyone and we will still be able to get our mochas. Additionally, he is making every effort to source as locally as possible, with fresh milk from Burbach’s Countryside Dairy, water from Futuramic and pastries brought in from a variety of local bakeries (including Culprit Cafe, Sweet Magnolia’s Bake Shop and Le Petit Paris French Bakery).

archetype coffee omaha

Archetype’s Isaiah Sheese

In the coming months, as Archetype settles into the neighborhood, we can expect to see some community events such as coffee tastings and home brewing trainings take place at the coffee shop. Plans for such events foreshadow a growing and more engaged coffee community in Omaha.

Also relevant for those of you who frequent Midtown: Archetype’s opening signals the beginning of some exciting developments in the area. Mula, a taco and tequila bar, will be opening sometime this month right next door to Archetype. Other businesses soon to open on the block include Scriptown Brewery and Nite Owl, a bar that will offer eclectic late-night food. Sullivan’s has also re-opened just across the street.

Archetype Coffee • 3926 Farnam Street • 7 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m.-3 p.m. on Saturday.

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