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“Stutter” by Deleted Scenes

So yesterday NPR’s All Songs Considered had a nice write up about Deleted Scenes‘ new video “Stutter.” And the video just so happens to star Dustin Diamond — aka Screech from “Saved By The Bell.” Propelled by the poetic, angular and even a bit demented vocals and lyrics of Deleted Scenes’ front man Dan Scheuerman, watch and listen as Diamond’s character barrels through a day that goes from bad to worse to, well, death. (It’s worth noting that although the group is still technically based out of D.C., Scheuerman is a recent transplant to Omaha. We’re also proud to say he’s an occasional contributor to Omahype.)

YouTube Preview Image

Look for “Stutter” and more new tracks on Deleted Scenes’ forthcoming album Lithium Burn, out April 15. And how about an Omaha show, huh Dan?


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