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Omaha Podcast Roundup

It’s 2012 and people are making Podcasts! Because if it’s technologically possible to broadcast your voice to billions of people, you have an obligation to do it! Here is a roundup of the podcasts that Omaha comedians are streaming to the world.

How to Waste Your Life is a new podcast from Will Dougherty and Jed Thompson. “We talk about a wide array of topics, and tell you which ones are worth wasting your life on,” Dougherty said. “I was trying to describe it to Zach Peterson and he said, ‘So it’s like a review of leisure,’ which is a phrase I enjoyed. “Past guests in their three-episode run include Adam Hrabik and Matt Kouba. Check them out on iTunes and Facebook.

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The Adam Show streams live from Adam Gehringer’s living room every Sunday from 9-11pm. It is hosted by Gehringer, Alex Bode, Jacob Kohl, Ben Floyd and Preston Tompkins. The show began on MavRadio in 2008, and they cover topics ranging from politics, science, sports, local news and sex advice from Fox Recently they’ve been bringing guests from the scene on air with them, such as  local comics Zach Reinert, Dusty Stehl, Stephen Smith and Ashley Smetana. Check them out on Facebook and iTunes.

The Mid-Best Podcast is hosted by OK Party Comedy members Ian Douglas Terry and Zach Peterson. They have the distinct pleasure of being the only local podcast that has an entire episode devoted to Omahype. But they also bring on local musicians like New Lungs and Ladyfinger, and other comedy groups like Backline Improv. Lately they’ve been also broadcasting OK Party’s monthly Explosivo show at the Slowdown. Above is the most recent Explosivo show from the Mid-Best Podcast. Find more on Facebook and iTunes.

Badland Girls is a brand-new podcast hosted by Rhea Dee and Destiny Sturdivant. They talk about nerd stuff like Doctor Who, to comedy and movies and pop culture. Destiny is personally one of my favorite new comics in Omaha. In only three episodes they have dropped 63 F-bombs. This is really something you should check out. Find Badland Girls on iTunes.


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